Let me tell you a little about myself.  My name is Milton Luban and I am the owner of a Boxing Memorabilia Website called www.substancecollectables.com where we sell your favorite Boxers Autographed collectors items from top fighters from past to present, and we specialize in Muhammad Ali Memorabilia. We sell everything from hand signed Boxing gloves, trunks and robes to fight pictures and posters. Be our guest and come take a look.

I am also a Member of  New York’s Ring 8. A charity organization that helps down and out ex-boxers. If you would like to read more about our organization or if you would like to join please click this link: http://substancecollectables.com/ring_8_ Every month we meet up to discuss plans on how we can make ring 8 better for the future, we also discuss ways we can raise monies for our ex-boxers, may it be charity dinners, events, 50/50 what have you, what ever it may be, it is in the good of all the down and out ex-fighters that gave so much in the ring that some have even left it there and now just need a little help from there fans. 

As a boxing Fan I get to meet so many ex-boxers and current boxers which is great! I also get to meet so many people who are in the sport of boxing. All and all I am having the time of my life.


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Our Boxing Memorabilia Site

www.substancecollectables.com Autographed Muhammad Ali, Boxing Gloves, Boxing Trunks, Boxing Robes, Fight Pictures, Fight Posters, Championship Title Belts and More....




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